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Witness Zsolt

Agnes Zsolt was rescued from Bergen-Belsen by Allied troops in 1945. She desperately searched for her daughter Eva Heyman who had been arrested and deported to the death camp Auschwitz on June 2, 1944. 

Agnes Zsolt gradually realized that her daughter had been killed. She later told how Eva was sent to the gas chambers by Josef Mengele at Auschwitz:

"A good-hearted female doctor was trying to hide my child, but Mengele found her without effort. Eva's feet were full of sore wounds. 'Now look at you', Mengele shouted, 'you frog, your feet are foul, reeking with pus! Up with you on the truck!' He transported his human material to the crematorium on yellow-colored trucks. Eyewitnesses told me that he himself had pushed her on to the truck."

Eva Heyman, thirteen-years-old, was gassed that same day, on October 17, 1944 ..

After arranging for her daughter's diary to be published, Eva's grief-stricken mother Agnes Zsolt succumbed to a downward spiral of self-destructiveness and despair and committed suicide.



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