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The Holocaust

The Schindler Story

Erika Rosenberg
Toby Axelrod, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
- archives
USHMM - Photo Archives
Thomas Keneally - Schindler's Ark
A tale of intrigue, feuds, Hollywood tycoons - Linda Diebel, The Totonto Star
Schindler's List Teaching Guide - Southern Institute for Education and Research
Herbert Steinhouse - The Real Oskar Schindler, Saturday Night, April 1994
Rickey Rogers, Reuters News Pictures Service
Elinor J. Brecher - Schindler's Legacy
Washington Post Foreign Service
The Simon Wiesenthal Center
Steve Israel, The Times Herald - Record On Line
AP Photo/Diether Endlicher
Associated Press
Rafael Wollmann
Letter from Berlin by Gerald Posner, The New Yorker, March 14, 1995
Holocaust Testimonies, edited by Joseph J. Preil. The Holocaust Resource Foundation for Kean University 2001. Rutgers University Press.
Law-Reports of Trials of War Criminals, The United Nations War Crimes Commission
University of the West of England
The Nizkor Project
JewishGen`  ShtetLinks The Jews of Krakow
Julius Perl
Fred Kirsch, Staff Writer, The Virginian-Pilot
Michael Sherman
Bob Hohler & Brian McGrory, Boston Globe

New Jersey Jewish News
Dispatch Online
The Jerusalem Post
The Southern Shofar
Beacon Journal
The Jewish Times

Sir Martin Gilbert: The Boys - Triumph Over Adversity
Mike Ridley (Moshe Rosenberg): I was on Schindler's List - The Sun, London

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