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In 1943 on Yom Kippur, an important holiday of the Jewish year, Amon Goeth and his SS-men took 50 Jews from the barracks and shot them. Often prisoners were publicly hung, with more than 15,000 inmates lined up on the ground. Moshe Beijski - a Schindler Jew who later became a High Court Judge in Israel - gave this testimony at the trial of the war criminal Adolf Eichmann:

"All those people stood on the ground, and the two persons were brought to the gallows: a lad of 15, Haubenstock, and the engineer Krautwirt, and an order was given to hang them. It was said in the camp that young Haubenstock had sung a Russian tune. The boy was hanged and something happened which occurs once in many thousands of cases - the rope broke.

The boy stood there, he was again lifted on to a high chair which was placed under the rope, and he began to beg for mercy. An order was given to hang him a second time. And then he was raised a second time to the gallows, and hanged, and thereafter that same Amon Goeth, with his own hands, also fired a shot.

The engineer Krautwirt, throughout that time, stood on the second chair, and here the perfidy went even further. SS men, with their guns, and machine guns, passed through the ranks, and gave orders to all those standing on the ground to watch.

Engineer Krautwirt cut the veins of his hands with a razor blade, and in this condition went up to the gallows. And in this way he was hanged."


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