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At the same trial Moshe Beijski told more about Amon Goeth and the other methods of punishment used by the Camp Commandant:

"The case of Olmer, whose daughter lives in Jerusalem, and I know her .. He was summoned by the Camp Commandant Amon Goeth. The Camp Commandant had two dogs, Ralf and Rolf, and he set the dogs on him. The dogs ate him up alive. Possibly a little breath still remained in him. He shot him and he was killed ..

A group that appeared with food in its possession .. a particular group of the Abladekommando, a unit which was in charge of the offloading of goods from the railway station - they found food in its possession. Then the camp commander, Untersturmfuehrer Amon Goeth, came up and asked whose food it was. When no one answered, he took a young man whose name was Nachmansohn .. and shot him. On the same occasion he shot another man, Disler.

And then someone had a brilliant idea and said that they had brought the food .. Then everyone received one hundred lashes.

One of the men - named Mandel - remained lying there until the group was taken to the parade ground, and there everyone received his deserts. He himself had to count the blows, and if he made an error in the counting, he had to go back to the beginning ..

There was an instance with that group where one of the older men was beaten and cried out a great deal, and after that had to go to Goeth and to inform him that he had received his punishment, and he thanked him for it. When he turned around, he shot him, and he, too, was killed."

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