Arthur Seyss-Inquart was Reich Governor of Austria and the Reich Commissioner of the German-occupied Netherlands. Seyss-Inquart was responsible for recruiting 5 million Dutchmen for deportation to Nazi Germany and for sending 117.000 Dutch Jews to their deaths in Nazi death camps like Auschwitz.

In February 1938, in response to German pressure, he was named minister of interior and security, a prelude to his replacement of Kurt von Schuschnigg as chancellor on March 11, 1938, the eve of Anschluss.

Subsequently he served as Governor of the new Austrian provincial administration until April 30, 1939. He was later appointed deputy Governor in Poland and eventually Reichskommissar of the occupied Netherlands.

Following the defeat of Germany in World War II, he was tried, convicted and hanged as a war criminal at Nürnberg.