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In his Memoirs Inside The Third Reich Albert Speer tells about her relationship with Hitler:

"Eva Braun was allowed to be present during visits from old party associates. She was banished as soon as other dignitaries of the Reich, such as cabinet ministers, appeared at the table .. Hitler obviously regarded her as socially acceptable only within strict limits. Sometimes I kept her company in her exile, a room next to Hitler's bedroom. She was so intimidated that she did not dare leave the house for a walk .. Out of sympathy for her predicament I soon began to feel a liking for this unhappy woman, who was so deeply attached to Hitler."

Gitta Sereny tells in her book Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth how Speer had been discomfited by Hitler's conduct toward Eva Braun. One night at the Berghof he heard Hitler say, as the young woman sat next to him at the table, that a highly intelligent man should always choose a primitive and stupid woman:

"Imagine if on top of everything else I had a woman who interfered with my work! In my leisure time I want to have peace .. I could never marry. Think of the problems if I had children! In the end they would try to make my son my successor."

Traudl Junge, one of Hitler's secretaries who died a few years ago, recalled her first meeting with Eva Braun during the war:

"In addition to being so well-dressed and well cared for, it struck me that she was so natural and open ... Her hair had been dyed blond and the style suited her; her pretty face had been tastefully made up. She was not tall, but had an excellent figure and she carried herself well."

In their great book Hitler's Henchmen Dr. van Capelle and Dr. van de Bovenkamp tell that Eva Braun complained frequently in her diary that Hitler had so little time for her and only truly loved her when it suited him. However, even when Hitler was not on the Obersalzberg, he never forgot his Eva. Hitler's servant, Heinz Linge, recalled:

"He telephoned her every second day. If his adjutants or Bormann were flying to Munich he would give them letters for Eva ..."





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